Elders Centre

Tamil Elders Drop-in Centre operates during weekdays at 253 East Lane, Wembley, the premises owned by the London Tamil Centre. These services directly benefit over 1000 children and adults, indirectly benefit over 2000 local residents.

There are many challenges associated with aging. But it is a more difficult process when an individual does not have certain essential tools to achieve healthy aging, such as knowledge of proper exercise and nutrition, peer support, and the ability to cope with the psychological and physical health changes due to aging. Wellness and health promotion programs help older adults to understand the complexity of and ingredients for optimal psychosocial and physical well-being.

Congregate sites are places to eat a healthy meal, socialize, participate in activities, and not be alone. Activities and educational classes, particularly those related to mental health and physical health are helpful in promoting independence, functionality, health and overall well-being.

Health promotion programs focus on educating older adults about how to increase control over and improve their health in a variety of areas; for example, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, alcohol and substance reduction, tobacco use, and other areas. Wellness programs--a type of health promotion program--involve all aspects of the individual: mental, physical, and spiritual. Both types of programs provide structured opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in specific areas, such as stress management, or environmental sensitivity. They also provide a supportive environment to nurture the emotional and intellectual aspects of participants, and aid individuals in becoming increasingly responsive to their health needs and quality of life. These programs Physical activity, partnered with good nutrition, enables participants to lead a quality and productive life.  Some such activities below,

  • General Wellness Programs
  • Physical Activities
  • Walking Programs
  • Social, Cognitive, and Mental Health Improvement Programs
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment / Health Screening
  • Nutrition
  • Living Activities
  • Visit Places of Interest
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Drama Group
  • Story Telling Group
  • Art and Sewing Activities
  • Bridge & Chess Club
  • Care and Support for Carers
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