Tamil School


To advance the education of Tamil speaking people for the benefit of the public in Tamil language, music, dance, drama, speech and religious education in the United Kingdom.


In this Tamil school we aim to provide sound education in Tamil language, and instruction in music, dance, drama and speech within a secure friendly caring and stimulating environment which is conducive to learning, so that the pupil can grow in confidence by developing their skills and abilities to the fullest extent.


We aim to create and foster relationship between home, school and worship place which will allow all,

To develop an awareness of the needs of others, particularly those with special needs or who are disadvantage in any way.

To nurture knowledge and respect for the beliefs and customs of people from different cultural background.

To promote self esteem and the value of children showing respect to themselves, their bodies and those of other people so that in this way they will acquire knowledge and appreciation of the meaning of love in a relationship. Through these relationship we hope to sustain an environment where any form of discrimination is seen to be unacceptable.

The aim of religious education is to foster and deepen the children's faith. If we have faith we see ourselves in a special way. We see all things in relation to God.

Tamil School conducts its classes  at Wembley High Technology College, East Lane, North Wembley.  In line with other school calendars, our academic year consists of three terms starting from September, January and April each year. In addition to conducting classes in Tamil Language and Fine Arts, we encourage the children to participate in extra-curricular activities by organising sports and other events during the term as well as holidays. We currently have 450 children studying Religion, Tamil language and Fine Arts. The school benefits from the services of over 15 language teachers and over 25 fine arts teachers. The admission process for new students starts with the issue of applications at the end of May for the prospective students beginning their education in September of the same year.

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