On Sundays

London Tamil Centre conducts its classes at Wembley High Technology College, East Lane, North Wembley. In line with other school calendars, our academic year consists of three terms starting from September, January and April each year. In addition to conducting classes in Tamil Language and Fine Arts, we encourage the children to participate in extra-curricular activities by organising sports and other events during the term as well as holidays. We currently have approx.  450 children studying Religion, Tamil language and Fine Arts. The school benefits from the services of over 15 language teachers and over 25 fine arts teachers. The admission process for new students starts with the issue of applications at the end of May for the prospective students beginning their education in September of the same year. 


9.00 - 9.30 AM

Our typical Sunday school session starts with Religious classes at 9.00am attended by just over 100 students. There are five dedicated teachers who primarily concentrate on the teachings of Hinduism and Christianity, although basic knowledge of other religions is also imparted on students. Students take active part in religious competitions conducted by other external organisations and bring much credit to the school. 

9.30 – 11.00 AM

Tamil Language
Mother Tongue teaching being a primary objective of the London Tamil Centre, Tamil language lessons remain the core activity of the School. The lessons are offered free of charge and at present we have about 250 students learning Tamil language. The classes range from toddler to GCSE Advanced Level, the curriculum specially formulated to suit the aspirations of children born here in the United Kingdom. We have approx. 20 proficient teachers who tutor Tamil in accordance with the School’s syllabus. The syllabus is structured so as to prepare the students for GCSE O/L and A/L examinations conducted by conducted by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) board. 

Adult Classes

During the Tamil Language classes for the children, the parents are offered the opportunity learn and refine their fine arts skills. Currently Thabela classes for dads and Bharathanatyam classes for mums are very popular. Key Board classes are also taking place for both. If there is sufficient interest for other fine-arts subjects, new classes can be started.


11.00 - 11.15 AM

The school holds a multi- faith Assembly and encourages the children to exhibit their talent in speech and drama by performing on the stage. We also invite special guest speakers to speak on various subjects of interest. We offer regular advice on safety to both students and their parents in the interest of their wellbeing as well as a means of ensuring that we comply with standard health and safety regulations. We look upon the Assembly as an important opportunity to promote our culture, mutual respect and discipline among the younger generation. 

11.15 AM -1.15 PM

Fine Arts - Vocal, Veena, Violin Flute, Keyboard, Miruthangam and Bharatha-Natyam 

London Tamil Centre offers a variety of Fine Arts subjects and the students have the opportunity of take up to two Fine Arts subjects at the school on Sundays.  Fine arts subjects cover Carnatic Music (Vocal), Instruments (Veena, Violin Flute, Keyboard and Miruthangam) and Dance (Bharatha-Natyam).  The class time will be either 11:15 to 12:15 or 12:15 to 1:15.

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