New Admissions and Fees

New Admissions

Please fill in the Online Application Form fully and then send an email to that you want to join our school with your contact telephone number. Headteacher will discuss with you about your child and approve your application. 

We are restarting face to face classes at Wembly High Technolgy College as before.
Fees structure similar before we started online lessons.

Fee Structure per Term for acedmic year 2022/23 (face to face lessons)

Enrolment / Registration: £5.00 per child
Tamil Language (1.5 hours) : £40.00 per Child
Fine Arts (1 hour) : £40.00 per child per subject

There is one concession offererd -  the Tamil language lesson is free for 1 child when 3 children from same family attend the school.

Examples. If your child is taking
Tamil + 1 Fine Art  Term Fee: £85
Tamil + 2 Fine Arts Term Fee: £125
Tamil only          Term Fee: £45
1 Fine Art only   Term Fee: £45
2 Fine Arts         Term Fee: £85

Fees must be paid via online only before half term, our bank details below. 
You continue to use the same online reference number given to your child.  
Please make seperarte payment per child using the child specific reference number provided.
If you do not have the reference number please email - Fees Desk:

London Tamil Centre
Account Number 71167901
Sort Code 40-46-09

Mrs Mathavy Shivaleelan

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