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The London Tamil Centre (LTC) is one of the leading voluntary organisations in the entire UK Tamil Community. It is renowned for its management and outstanding contribution to the local community in general and to the Tamils in particular.

LTC incorporates three distinct services: mother tongue classes, youth development programmes and care for the elderly. For the sake of efficiency and administrative convenience, these activities are under the direct supervision of two sub committees, managed under the umbrella of Tamil School and Tamil Elders Drop-in Centre.

The Tamil school conducts Tamil Language and Fine Arts classes at Wembley High Technology College on Sundays. It also offers youth development and mentoring programmes on Sundays and in the evenings on weekdays at the LTC premises.

To advance the education of Tamil speaking people for the benefit of the public in Tamil language, music, dance, drama, speech and religious education in the United Kingdom.

In this Tamil school we aim to provide sound education in Tamil language, and instruction in music, dance, drama and speech within a secure friendly caring and stimulating environment which is conducive to learning, so that the pupil can grow in confidence by developing their skills and abilities to the fullest extent.

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The Association has long realized the need to develop the sporting abilities of the community, the youth in particular, the following are some of its activities.The community conduct sports activities like Criket, Netball, Volleyball, Footbal, Athlets and etc..

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Tamil Elders Drop-in Centre operates during weekdays at 253 East Lane, Wembley, the premises owned by the London Tamil Centre.

We conduct different activities like yoga, keep fit, multi-faith events, spiritual activities, computer classes. We also conduct health workshops, mentoring, counselling, and outings.

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News and Announcements

Prize Day 2022 Winners List

London Tamil Centre Prize day will be held Saturday 16th July.


Elocution Competition Results 2022

அ பிரிவு
1. Suresh Babu Jayas Shreenidhi - Distinction
2. Kirupaharan Keshan - Distinction


Online Thirukkural Competition 2021 Results

Online Thirukkural Competition 2021 Results


Online Class links - Autumn Term Sept 21

Dear Parents,

You must join on time and follow the rules set out below for the online classes.


Online Elocution Competition 20-21 - Results

Online Elocution Competition 20-21  -   7 Mar 2021


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